Kid Mask (10PCS)

Kid Mask (10PCS)

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Children's 3d mask containing copper oxide
Materials: copper oxide, meltblown cloth
Mask size: 10.5 * 9.5 cm
Specification: 10 PCs/box
Function: dustproof, anti-droplet, anti-automobile exhaust, pollen and other harmful particles

Mask introduction:
1. adjustable nose bridge, high sealing, better fit the nose, prevent particles from using gaps to increase wearing comfort
2. High elastic belt, comfortable, tough and unbroken.
3. The new material of the three filter layers is comfortable, tasteless and non-irritating to the skin
4. No peculiar smell, no stimulation, and effective isolation of harmful particles

Matters needing attention:
1. This product is not washable. Please make sure to use it within the validity period.
2. Store in a dry and ventilated place, away from fire sources and flammable materials
3. Due to the different production batches and monitors, the products may have certain chromatic aberration, please understand

Suitable for children aged 4-10