Portable camping mat

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Material: Canvas

 Outdoor Picnic Mat Fashion Plaid Pad Waterproof Camping Travel Beach Blanket
1. Tear resistant, machine washable, non stick grass, more comfortable, water repellent, easy storage;
2. Adopt thicker and wear-resistant material, long service life, skin friendly fabric, seamless cutting and stitching, more beautiful;
3. The bottom layer of the picnic mat is made of thickened waterproof membrane, which can effectively block the ground moisture. The middle layer is made of "thermal composite" technology, which is more flat and thick, and is not easy to break. The surface layer is made of 190T printed polyester yarn, which is dirt resistant and non stick grass.
4. Large size, can sit many people; can accommodate many people.

Material: acrylic
Size: 2M*2M
Thickness: 0.4cm/0.16in